Vision to Visuals

HJB Productions shares your vision for an engaging video that will showcase your business. We pride ourselves in taking your vision and turning them into visuals. We help you through out the production process. From the script to the final video. If the camera scares you, no worries. You have the option to do a voice over or hire a presenter. 

Experience Matters

We have over 7 years of experience in video productions and have done over 350 jobs on the Yelp platform alone with excellent reviews. We produce high quality videos at affordable prices. We combine our years of experience with professional video and audio gear to tell your story, engage your viewers and convert them into well-informed customers.

We do it all

Our video production services includes Online Marketing Videos, Business Profile Videos, Staff profile videos, Products Demo, Customer Testimonials, Real Estate Virtual tours and Slideshows, Corporate events and more. We are here to support our clients’ goals, elevate their brand, and generate memorable impressions that drive awareness for their brand. 

"The filmmaker was on time and walked me through each step of the process. He gave detailed feedback and was great capturing all the shots in the restaurant."

Joshua B, Saladworks

As video adoption for content marketing continues to rise, there’s no doubt that more organizations are looking to online video to improve their strategies.


video-rich marketing strategy can:

  • Double user time on your website

  • Improve visitor engagement with brands and products 

  • Improve brand management

  • Increase your sales

The Human Brain

  • Human Brain Processes Visuals 60,000x Faster Than Text.
  • Posts With Visuals Drive Up To 180% More Engagement Than Those Without.
  • Viewers Spend 100% More Time On Web Pages With Videos.
  • 64% Of Users Are More Likely To Buy A Product From Watching a Video.
  • Human Brain Can Recognize Objects Much Faster than computers.

YouTube = Traffic

  • 75 million people watch videos online each month.
  • 40 billion videos are streamed in the U.S. each month.
  • 72 Hours of footage uploaded every minute.
  • Second largest Search Engine.
  • $6.3 Billion will be spent on video ads in 2015.

What our Customers Are Saying

Most people retain 95% of the message in a video compared to only 10% of what they read in text.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

camera icon2We produce high quality
Online Marketing Videos
At affordable prices.

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We pride ourselves in 
Taking your vision and 
Turning them into visuals. 

camera icon2Video provides an opportunity
to marry the power of ideas
with the power of images.